Puddle the Naughtiest Puppy: Toyshop Trouble

Puddle loves rainy days! Why? Because of Ella and her magic umbrellas. Every time it rains, they can choose a different umbrella to whisk them up into the clouds – and away into adventure! And when an umbrella covered with pictures of toys takes Puddle, Ella and Harry to a factory, they discover that it’s filled with weird and wonderful toys: dolls, teddies, play-things and games of all sorts. But the toymaker is in a muddle. He’s trying to create a spectacular new toy for a big competition, but his inventions keep going wrong – and now he’s run out of ideas. Is this a chance for Puddle and Ella to let their imaginations run wild, and help the toymaker come up with a truly winning invention?

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    Puddle is the most amazing puppy in the world. He takes his friends Ella and Harry on loads of adventures, this time to a toy shop where they have to help the toymaker out. If I ever have a puppy he’ll be just like Puddle.

    Eleanor, age 5

    15 March 2011

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