Puppy Place Pair

Two lonely little puppies need a home and a kind heart to take care of them. Goldie the gorgeous Golden Retriever pup is all alone in the world. She needs cuddles, love and lots of looking after. But who can provide it? And how could anyone abandon little Snowball in a cardboard box, and leave him to fight the elements alone? Animal-lovers Jack and Lizzie must find good homes for these adorable little characters. They know that they’ll be perfect pups for someone – but who will be their perfect owners?

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  • This book was so nice thank you for Ellen miles keep writing these books there so inspiring to me and my friends when we read your books about puppies every time I go to the library I check out your books😀😃😆

    5 December 2015

  • loved it

    I think these books have great stories about puppies. It really teaches people how to be responsible for dogs. I think I love these books!

    27 August 2012

  • loved it

    This book is great I like the idea of taking care of dogs in need and at the same time looking for them a home. Thank you Ellen Miles for writing this beautiful books.

    4 February 2012

  • WOW!!! A great book! I need to get my hands on the rest of them!!

    7 February 2009

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