Rabbit and Bear #1: Rabbit's Bad Habits

At last – a picture book that’s not just for little kids! This wintry masterpiece is all about the pictures. (And the giggles. And a bear.) Rabbit loves winning! Bear loves Rabbit. But so does a hungry wolf, in a different sort of way. Now it’s snowing, and Bear wants to make a snowman. So does Rabbit – as long as his is better than Bear’s! But when an avalanche hits and the wolf attacks, Rabbit realises it’s great to have a buddy on your side… A tale of poo, snowstorms, wolves and true friends, with wonderful artwork by a Roald Dahl Funny Prize winner.

  • The winter hit that kids and reviewers are raving about
  • A laugh-out-loud delight with heartwarming pictures
  • By the writer who wrote the End poem in Minecraft
  • Beautiful snowy artwork by award-winner Jim Field

“A breath of fresh air… The sort of story that makes you want to send your children to bed early, so you can read it to them.” Neil Gaiman

“Should become an instant modern classic. Stands shoulder to shoulder with Pooh and Toad.” Eoin Colfer

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  • Awards

    Julian Gough has won prizes for his writing for adults and was awarded the French Prix Livrentête for Rabbit’s Bad Habits.

  • Awards

    Winner of the Roald Dahl Funny Prize for Cats Ahoy, the Sainsbury’s Children’s Book Award for There’s a Lion in My Cornflakes, the Lollies for Oi, Dog and Oscar’s Book Prize for The Koala Who Could.

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