Rainbow Magic Pet Keeper Fairies #33: Harriet the Hamster Fairy

Nasty Jack Frost is determined to steal Harriet’s magical hamster, Twinkle. He’s even stolen another hamster to lure Twinkle to him. Now Rachel and Kirsty have double trouble on their hands. Can they save Twinkle – and the other hamster?

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  • Harriet makes sure all the hamsters in the world have a home or live a happy life.

    5 March 2013

  • anyone with a pet hamster should like this book! i dont have a hamster and i like it!

    4 March 2012

  • loved it

    I loved it. Really Good!

    1 June 2011

  • It is the best book in the wold

    16 October 2010

  • loved it

    it is fairy-tastic

    1 April 2009

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