Rainbow Magic: Rainbow Fairies Pack

There’s a Rainbow Fairy for every colour, each with her own special talent. But when trouble comes to Fairyland, can the fairies stick together to complete the rainbow? Meet Rachel, Kirsty and the Rainbow Fairies and become part of their magical world in the first seven stories from the sparkly, bestselling Rainbow Magic series!

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  • okay

    I think if you have read this quite a lot you start to get a bit board of it, because its really all the same stuff that happens in them mostly.

    2 September 2016

  • loved it

    Read them all in one big book-including flora the fancy dress fairy. BRILL!

    11 May 2016

  • loved it

    It is 400/400

    21 December 2015

  • this book has fairies and i like them i love it

    4 July 2015

  • liked it

    This group of stories mark the beginning of kristy and rachels friendship this book is about fairies and rainbows for kids over 3

    22 June 2015

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