Rainbow Magic: School Days Fairies Pack x 4

No need to pick your favourite subject: they’re all loads of fun with these fairy deskmates! Go back to school in magical style. School days ought to be the best days of your life. That’s why these fairies are here. They make sure your favourite subjects are a joy to learn. There’s just one misery-guts who wants to ruin things: pesky Jack Frost. (What a silly dunce!) Will he sabotage all the best lessons? Quick: send him to detention!

  • Fun from this worldwide bestselling series
  • Over 29 million Rainbow Magic books sold
  • Simple tales with plenty of repeated words
  • Great way to motivate children to read more

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  • loved it

    I love this pack of educational rainbow magic fairies.My favourite school day fairy is probably Kathryn the PE fairy but I also like Lydia the reading fairy .These are great books so I would recommend these to anyone who is in to magic,adventure and most of all fun!

    25 October 2016

  • rubbish

    i love these books and i am so in love with it but my mum says she dosent have money to buy me this

    28 February 2015

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