Rainbow Magic Super Set

Four packs of brilliant Rainbow Magic drama to whisk you off to Fairyland! In this super set we’ve gathered together four packs of our favourite fairy friends: the melodic Music Fairies, the twirling Dance Fairies, the feisty Sporty Fairies, and the Pet Keeper Fairies (and all their adorable magic pets). So join Rachel and Kirsty on magical mission after mission. It’s spellbinding, super-sparkly stuff to make your heart sing!

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  • loved it

    I love it. Alice is my sisters name!

    6 October 2015

  • Really Good!

    7 March 2013

  • liked it

    didnt suit me becayse im not a sporty person

    4 March 2012

  • loved it

    This book was really great and i loved it i could read it again a million times.(if i had time) it was truly brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    19 March 2009

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