Rainbow Magic: The Candy Land Fairies Pack x 4

Sweeter than sugar! Meet four magical fairies who look on the tasty side of life. Welcome to the Fairyland Candy Harvest: a celebration of all things sweetly delicious. A feast of lollipops, bonbons, sweet treats and goodies galore. (Can you spot your favourite sweetie?) It’s all perfect. In fact, it’s far too perfect. Sour old Jack Frost simply has to spoil it all! How will Rachel and Kirsty deal with exploding sherbet, sticky marshmallow rivers and jelly beans that suddenly taste yucky? Lick your lips and prepare to find out!

  • Accessible fiction from a blockbusting series
  • Over 29 million Rainbow Magic books sold
  • Simple tales with plenty of repeated words
  • Great way to motivate children to read more

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