Thick brown bodies, some as large as a foot, slithered like fish beneath the surface of a muddy pond…

Sarah McGraw lives on the edge of town, beside a huge rubbish dump that her father helps to manage. But it’s growing out of control. As the piles of refuse grow, so do the rats that live there. And they’re not only growing; they’re mutating… Turning against humans, the rats begin to venture beyond the dump, invading neighbouring houses, climbing up through drains, toilets and jacuzzis. It’s not long before they’re harassing human beings, massing for violent and deadly attacks. When one of the dump workers is eaten alive by rats, Sarah’s dad is called away urgently to try and control the crisis. But that leaves Sarah and her little brother alone, at the mercy of the rats…

Praise for Raptor:

“Zindel is a master at creating and sustaining a mood, and Raptor is no exception.” School Library Journal

“Not for the fainthearted, Zindel has found a formula that will entice the teen reader.” Children’s Books in Ireland

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  • Awards

    In 2002 Paul Zindel was awarded the Margaret A. Edwards Award for his lifetime achievement in writing for young adults.

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