Read Aloud Picture Book Pack

Reading aloud is fabulous fun… and it’s all the better when you’ve got great books full of exciting noises to shout out loud. From roaring dinosaurs to clanking, rattling skeletons, and from cheeky chattering monkeys to a very scary soup full of crocodiles and hippos, this pack is absolutely stuffed with loud surprises! But don’t keep it all to yourself… Find a parent or friend to share it with and make double the rumpus together!

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  • i also had it when i was a child and now i can read whenever i want to because it’s the best book ever!!!! :)

    19 July 2015

  • loved it

    I had this book when i was a child with the story on cassette tape. Its a great book i can now read to my child and give to him when hes older.

    1 March 2012

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