Read at Home: First Skills: Biff's First Times Tables

Hurray! It’s Biff and Chip’s birthday. Lots of their friends are coming, which means invitations to send, food to buy and so much more! But how many invitations do they need? How many drinks, balloons and packets of biscuits? With so many children and so much to do, Dad shows Biff how to use times tables to prepare for the big day!

This colourful storybook introduces the times tables that children learn at school, focusing on the two, five and ten times tables, which are the first to be taught in the classroom. You can find all the tables from 2-10 at the end of the book too, as well as fun activities for parents and tots to share. From the Read at Home series, the UK’s most popular reading scheme, this is a wonderful way to help children master times tables – and practise reading too!

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