Read at Home Flashcards: Word Games

Fantastic flashcards for unlimited play with the most common words in English. Join Kipper, Biff and Floppy the dog for fun word games – and build up essential skills for school as well. From the UK’s most popular reading scheme, Oxford Reading Tree, these bright cards include key words taken from the National Curriculum list of required words for the Reception Year. So when you play with these, you’ll know your child is learning the words they most need to get to grips with. They’ll also help children to:

  • develop memory and concentration skills
  • match letter and word shapes
  • recognise many common words by sight
  • build sentences

Just follow the simple instructions to play four games: Snap, Lotto, Memory and Mix a Sentence. For a fast, fun way to build up reading and sentence-forming skills, you can’t do better than this!

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