Rebel Heart

Saba has rescued her kidnapped brother and defeated the fanatical Tonton. Now she’s paying the price for her violent victory – and it’s beyond her darkest nightmares. Jack has vanished. A new enemy is rising. No one is safe. But as Saba prepares to face this growing terror, she must confront a terrible secret hidden in the darkest depths of her soul… Brace yourself for danger, passion and betrayal in this heart-clenching sequel to Blood Red Road. It’ll sweep you to the highest peaks of adventure, fill you with blood-red fury – and shake you to the very core.

  • The thrilling sequel to Costa Award winner Blood Red Road
  • A gripping tale of freedom, courage and the cost of violence
  • Set in the scorching desert landscape of a Wild West movie
  • “Ticked all my boxes …. a truly satisfying read” – Bookbag

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  • Awards

    Moira Young won the Costa Children’s Book Award, Coventry Inspiration Award and the French Le Prix des Incorruptibles for Blood Red Road.

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