Rhyming Picture Books Pack x 6

Hands up if you love rhymes! Of course you do. And why not? Lots of the greatest picture books in the world happen to be rhymes. (Just like these lovely ones.) Rhymes let you join in, laugh lots and be really noisy. But they also teach you very useful stuff. They help you listen, and guess what comes next in a story. Plus, they help you match up words and sounds – great for your phonics skills. And these special rhymes are by the best authors in the world, with gorgeous pictures, great stories and lots to make you chuckle. No snoozing. It’s rhyme time!

  • Rhyming favourites from top authors like Giles Andreae
  • Fantastic way to get little ones reading and joining in
  • Supports phonics learning and early literacy
  • Five colour paperbacks plus one mini paperback

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