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Two magical stories to tempt younger readers into Roald Dahl’s extraordinary world. When a little girl discovers that her magic finger can zap people, the horrible duck-hunting family next door have a nasty surprise in store. And when retired Mr Hoppy develops a secret passion for his neighbour, the lovely Mrs Silver, can an amazing trick involving tortoises help him to win her heart? Brimming with miracles, marvels and magic, these books will shake the dust out of the dullest day.

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  • They are both good books.

    9 March 2014

  • loved it

    These two thrilling books are unforgetable. My favourite one is Esio Trot

    5 March 2013

  • I didn’t like this book much a alittle to silly for me , but good for younger readers

    5 March 2013

  • loved it

    I love Roald Dahl most of all i love the Magic Finger!!!!!oh yeah and i love fantastic Mr.Fox!!!!!!

    4 December 2010

  • loved it

    I think that this book is really funny.I loved it when her finger became all magical.I will never regret that i got this book because the laughter that came out of me i was nearly crying with glee.I loved all the charcters in this book.

    23 September 2008

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  • Photo of Roald Dahl

    Roald Dahl

    Roald Dahl is probably the best loved children’s author ever, creator of iconic characters like Matilda, Willy Wonka and the BFG!


    Roald Dahl has won many awards for his books including the Whitbread Award for The Witches in 1983, the Smarties Award in 1990 for Esio Trot and the Blue Peter prize for Matilda in 2000. In 2008 the Roald Dahl estate launched an award in his name – the Roald Dahl Funny Prize.

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