Who ever heard of a ‘bot spraying snot? Bogeytastic laughs plus yucky FREE fake snot! Achooo! says Little Robot. Hang on – robots can’t sneeze, can they? Robots are made of oil and cogs. But this special robot is full of SNOT! ACHOOOO! Every time Little Robot sneezes, out shoots the icky, gloopy green stuff! All the other robots are amazed. They’ve never seen anything like it. But though he loves the attention, Little Robot won’t share his special green snot. That is, until he learns that there is such a thing as too much snot. Problem: now all the other robots are sneezing too!

  • A cheeky riot for yucky little people – with free play snot!
  • Funny and original story with a message about sharing
  • Perfect for fans of The Dinosaur That Pooped series
  • Amy Sparkes is the author of Alien’s Crazy Christmas

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