Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry

The classic tale of growing up black in 1930s Mississippi. Racist attacks. Violence. Burnings. A lightning strike for your heart. Cassie’s mother tells her that colour doesn’t matter. Nobody is better than anyone else. But outside their cosy home in the Deep South, it’s a different story. Blacks can’t sit in the same bus seats as whites, or use the same water fountain. Sinister night riders roam the land, bringing death and terror. Worst of all: if you’re black and you speak up, chances are someone you love will die violently. How will Cassie bear the injustice she sees all around her?

  • A hugely influential classic that won the Newbery Medal
  • Set in America’s Deep South during the Great Depression
  • A powerful story of racism, identity and growing up
  • Part of a series about Cassie and the Logan family

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