Daisy’s rebel style is more Primark than princess. So when her sis gets engaged to the Crown Prince of Scotland, it’s time to rewrite the royal rulebook! Daisy Winters is an offbeat teen with mermaid-red hair. But that’s where the mermaid stuff ends. She’s got a part-time job at a bootleg Walmart, and a thing about doing things her way. Oh yes, and she also has a perfect older sister who’s about to marry a prince. Daisy’s always stayed out of the spotlight. But when the tabloids start chasing her down, there’s only one place she can hide: the prince’s secluded Scottish castle. Here, a dashing footman tries to teach Daisy the ropes of being regal (she’s so not a lady – yet!). Meanwhile, the prince’s roguish kid brother is kicking up scandal, and trying to take Daisy along for the ride…

  • The Princess Diaries meets Made in Chelsea
  • A hilarious, heartwarming modern-day fairy tale
  • By the bestselling author of the Hex Hall series
  • Rachel Hawkins also writes the Rebel Belle books

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