STAR WARS™: The Last Jedi - A Junior Novel

Han Solo is dead. Luke Skywalker has turned away from the Force. Kylo Ren is waging a war against his own mother. It seems that the world is being consumed by darkness. Into this bleak picture steps Rey – a brave young warrior keen to learn the ways of the Jedi. She’s on a mission to bring Luke back to the Resistance. But is it already too late? And what’s the eerie link between Rey and her rival, Kylo Ren? Is this the end – or just the beginning? Only time (and this book) will tell…

  • The story of the blistering new STAR WARS™ film
  • A game-changing episode in this mighty space saga
  • 192 pages of battles, adventures, thrills and spills
  • New insights into the characters and their actions

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