Sandy Lane Stables: A Horse for the Summer

Tom can’t afford a horse of his own, but a horse for the summer is almost as good. He can’t wait to start looking after prize-winning Chancey at Sandy Lane! But when Chancey arrives, things don’t turn out as he’d hoped. Chancey is so wild and unpredictable that Tom is forced to start training him in secret. Soon Tom’s schooling is working so well that he enters Chancey for a big show! But as Tom and Chancey grow closer and start to become a winning team, Tom is forced to confront the truth: summer won’t last forever, and soon Tom will have to give Chancey back…

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  • I read some of this a couple of summers ago, and thought it really enjoyable, although having said this if your not really into horses, it may begin to seem tedious in its storylines.

    4 March 2012

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