Saving Sophia

A book about the power of friendship, finding the truth and having adventures (mostly brilliant but not the bits where you nearly die). So inspirational, and we just love the unique cover. Warning: don’t look down! Lottie, an avid reader, dreams of big adventures. But do they come her way? No such luck. Until she meets Sophia: a girl whose thrilling history involves an evil villain and a missing mum. Then the girls stage a kayak accident and run away to find Sophia’s mum. That’s how Lottie learns some big lessons about friendship, the truth and taking risks. (Or: the difference between Enid Blyton novels and real life.)

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  • THIS IS THE BEST BOOK EVER. It is imaginative, adventurous I can’t believe it’s not a best-seller (well it isn’t in my area) and a great story it is the most fantastic book ever

    13 April 2018

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