Scholastic Classics: Black Beauty

Anna Sewell’s beloved classic, told from the point of view of a horse. So perfect we’ve made it look as beautiful as we know how. Black Beauty is a handsome, spirited colt who lives a free and happy life in the fields – until he is sold into a life of labour. He is whipped, enslaved and forced to work like a drudge on the rough streets of London. Will his spirit stay strong – or will it be broken? One of the bestselling books of all time, with over 50 million copies sold: truly a book for anybody who loves horses or great stories.

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    After reading this classic book a few months ago, it became one of my firm favourites. At first I thought that it may have been a bit difficult to read, attempting to make sense of old English having not studied it, but in fact I found this book an absolute pleasure and perfect for all ages.

    Black Beauty was originally published on the 24th of November 1877 by Anna Sewell. The inspiration of this book came from her youth when her father would regularly drive the horses to and from the station,these trips made her consider the humane treatment of these creatures.

    Miss. Sewell wrote in a way that was simple to understand yet beautifully descriptive, the book tells the fictional story of a young horse named Darkie by his Master after his dark, shiny coat. He is then taken away from his mother to Birtwick Park and renamed Black Beauty which sticks all the way throughout the book even though he is given various names by many other owners. This story mainly follows Black Beauty’s life but with some chapters that gives you an idea as to what happened to some other loveable characters such as Ginger.

    16 March 2016

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