Secret Agent Briefcase

So – you’re off on your first spy mission. What should you pack? Don’t panic: this Secret Agent Briefcase has done the hard work for you. All the stuff you need, ready to go: and we do mean ALL. Grab it and run with it – don’t let the trail go cold. Need to enter a locked room? Try the access cards. Making or breaking codes? Use your code book and secret markers. Need a disguise? Sorted: here are fake IDs and rearview glasses. Hunting for clues? Grab the magnifying glass. Congratulations: now you’re ready to save the world from the sinister Stealth agency!

  • Bumper spy toolkit stuffed with gadgets and case files
  • Fun mission where you battle the evil Stealth agency
  • Stretch your brain solving codes and following clues
  • Learn to use essential spy tools and survival methods

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