Secret Kingdom #18: Jewel Cavern

The Secret Kingdom is a magical place of friendship and fun – until evil Queen Malice comes out to play. When she casts a spell on Summer’s storybook, she unleashes all its fairytale baddies into the kingdom. Now Jasmine, Summer and Ellie must track them down…

In this final series story, the girls travel to Jewel Cavern where a huge fire-breathing dragon is running wild. Worst of all, he’s got their magic storybook! Can the girls and their dream-dragon friends rescue the book? And can they defeat the last of the fairytale baddies before their wonderful land is ruined forever?

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  • Secret kingdom is about 3 girls called Ellie, Summer and Jasmine to the Jewel Cavern where a fire breathing dragon is causing trouble. Along with their friends the dream dragons to help. They have to catch the last of Queen Malice’s fairy tale baddies.x

    18 April 2014

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