Seriously Sassy

Sassy’s a twenty-first century girl with some burning questions about life – and boys! Can she become a singer and save the world? Can she get Dad to pay for a demo? Can her gothy best friend give her a makeover without making her look like one of the undead? And does sharing a chocolate-chip muffin with Magnus Menzies mean true love…? Join her as she puzzles out the mysteries of life and love in a smart, sassy and very funny novel!

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  • I loved seriously sassy, and would read it in every break and lunchtime at school, because I thought the storyline was amazing, and the background behind it was amazing. I loved how underneath it all, there was a romance, and also, loads of key information about the environment. A great read!

    3 March 2012

  • This is a great book. I loved the storyline and plot. The book is about Sassy and her trying to save the planet. Sassy is a die-hard vegetarian and an eco warrior. This might sound crazy but since reading this book for the first time, i have become a vegetarian. So this book is life changing. I have now been a vegetarian for 3 years – wow – .Great read for ages 12+

    1 March 2012

  • Seriously Sassy is a book filled with awesome characters, plot twists and a great storyline. I loved it from the very first page!

    22 August 2011

  • loved it

    This is one of the best books every written. I loved the storyline and plot. The book follows main character Sassy on her journey to try and save the world, with her eco talents. Sassy is also a budding musician but when she’s offered to follow it, she upsets herself and is lost in indecision. I love these books and i would recommend them 10+, they’re also a great read even if your older like me.

    16 December 2010

  • Serously Sassy is all about saving the planet, best friends and finding THE ONE! There are twists, turns and unexpected heart-pings!

    15 May 2009

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