Seriously Sassy: Pinch Me, I'm Dreaming

“I sing cos I care about things. I’m not gonna change just to be famous!”

Sassy Wilde has plenty to say about life, love … and lemurs! She’s a rock chick with eco attitude, but for Sassy it’s not all about fame. There’s Twig, the boy who makes her feel squidgy inside. And Cordelia and Tas, her best mates. But as the Wiccaman Festival beckons and Sassy’s dreams start to come true, will she have to leave them behind? Suddenly Sassy’s in a whirl, and it’s not just her guitar strings that are twanging. It’s her heart-strings too…

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  • This is the second book in the seriously sassy series. It is a great book and has a great plot. In this novel, once again love is in the air. Sassy meets another teen music star and all of a sudden she realizes that she doesn’t like Twig as much anymore. Great read, i would recommend this book for ages 12+

    3 March 2012

  • This is a follow up to seriously sassy. Once again we revisit sassy and this time sassy’s music career is really taking off. At her first gig she has a great time and meets someone special. Her love for twig isn’t as great now so should she date him or not ?

    1 March 2011

  • This is an awesome book! I recomend It to anyone!!

    22 December 2009

  • loved it

    this book i haven’t read yet but it’s sounds very inerresting to me

    30 September 2009

  • I can’t can’t wait to get this book!!!!!

    11 September 2009

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