Shrinking Violet #4: Shrinking Violet Absolutely Loves Ancient Egypt

Violet is so lucky. She gets to go to Egypt and she can shrink to scarab size. Envy. Here are some cool things about Egypt: pyramids, mummies and Nile boat trips. And here are some cool things to do in Egypt if you can shrink. Spy on other tourists. Sneak into hidden rooms at the museum. Solve spooky mysteries. Gran has won a cruise down the River Nile. Violet and her cousin Anthony are invited too. AWESOME! But an eerie mystery waits by the pyramids. Cursed tombs, vanishing cats, sinister tourists… it’s creepy. Solving this puzzle might just need Violet’s teeny-tiny talents…

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  • Lou Kuenzler

    Lou Kuenzler was brought up on Dartmoor and moved to Northern Ireland to study theatre. She went on to work as a theatre director, drama lecturer and workshop leader. Lou now lives in London with her husband and their two children. @LouKuenzler

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