Like 28 Days Later meets Assault on Precinct 13: another terrifying treat from a horror maestro. Who will turn silver next?

When a boy is bitten by a strange silver beetle, he becomes the first victim of a terrifying virus. It turns flesh into metal, and humans into killing machines. As the virus spreads and more murderous machines appear, a small group of students barricade themselves inside their school. Can they keep the machines at bay? Is help ever coming? Meanwhile, the virus is evolving… getting stronger. The whole world is turning to sparkling, deadly silver. Will anybody survive?

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  • Epic, just epic. There’s no other way to describe this book.

    8 March 2014

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  • Chris Wooding

    Chris Wooding was born in Leicester in 1977 and his first book was published when he was just nineteen years old. He is the author of many successful and award-winning books for young adults, including POISON, CRASHING, KEROSENE, ENDGAME and the BROKEN SKY series.


    The Haunting of Alaizabel Cray won the Smarties Silver Award.

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