Simpsons Comics: Strike Back!

The Simpsons are back – but the fabric of their lives threatens to unravel when the TV breaks down! And that’s not all: there’s also a trip to Simpsons Mountain, a couple of troublesome aunts coming to stay, and a diet for chubby Homer to contend with! A classic Simpsons comic-book adventure in a handy new pocket-sized format.

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    This book is a fantstic book!

    20 September 2008

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    It is the best book ever

    9 June 2008

  • loved it

    In this book the Simpson family (Bart, Homer, Lisa, Marge, Maggie) have gone on another adventure but comic style, they strike back with something new, you may be thinking im not telling you anything well I want this to be a suprise for you!!!

    29 April 2008

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