Sink Your Teeth into Reptiles

OK: just for starters, where else can you buy a book that comes with three realistic snake fangs to make the world’s coolest necklace? But those special fangs are only the start of this dangerous journey into the cold heart of the reptile world. Say hello to 20 scaly critters who mostly want to kill you dead – and you’re standing at the sharp end. Ouch! Which snake has the longest fangs? How strong are a croc’s jaws? How does a komodo dragon kill you? Check out the fangs of Gila monsters, black mambas and spitting cobras. Plus – say hello to the last descendant of the dinosaurs!

  • Stunning close-up look at the world’s deadliest reptiles
  • Includes three replica snake fangs and a necklace cord
  • Fang Files show how reptiles poison, bite and crush you
  • Incredible colour photos and fact files on each critter

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