Sky Horses: Cloud Magic

Erin has always believed in magic, but she never imagined she might have powers of her own! But one day she looks up into the clouds and sees a herd of magic horses! Erin learns that she is a weather weaver with unique powers. But now the sky horses need her help! Tor the majestic sky stallion has been trapped on Earth by a dark spirit. Only Erin and her new friends can save him. But will her powers be strong enough to return Tor to his kingdom in the clouds? A spellbinding new series from the creator of Stardust and My Secret Unicorn.

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  • loved it

    I loved this book, Chloe and and Erin have to try to free Tor.

    13 April 2013

  • loved it

    I love the book and also love Linda Chapman I would direct any horse or animal lover to read her books

    3 April 2010

  • i love ponies ( ‘n’ unicorns)


    18 September 2009

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