Sky Horses Pair

Erin has always believed in magic, but she never imagined she might have powers of her own! But one day Erin looks up into the clouds and sees a herd of magic horses! Erin soon learns that she is a weather weaver with unique powers. But now the sky horses need her help! Tor the majestic sky stallion has been trapped on Earth by a dark spirit, along with his gorgeous foal Mistral. They cannot return to theircloud kingdom until a secret gateway has been found. But will Erin be able to help? First she must discover something very special about herself…

Come and ride with the Sky Horses in this spellbinding new series from the creator of Stardust and My Secret Unicorn.

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  • loved it

    The sky horses pair is a really exiting books the royal foal has been captured.

    Marinne the dark spirit has one but there is another chance.

    13 April 2013

  • i think this book is really good.ive only read one. i read cloud magic but i got so stuck in it the minute i read the first few lines.i would love to to read all the books.i would recomend this to anyone who loves ponies magic and exciting mysteries. thanks.kel8. woo hoooooooo.i love books

    20 October 2011

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    Linda Chapman won the 2012 Lincolnshire Young People’s Book Award for Loving Spirit.

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