Snake Bites

Snake Bites

Super serpents or cold-blooded killers? Yep: we’re talking snakes! How much do you know about them – except to run away fast if you see one? And just how scared should you be? Get all the facts in this cool close-up guide: your chance to see just how hard snakes bite – and how lethal they are. What is the world’s deadliest snake? Which serpent is smartest? How many deaths does the king cobra cause every year? Peek beneath their scaly skin – and freak out your friends with your FREE snake charm necklace!

  • A world of scary snake facts to discover and compare
  • Incredibly realistic FREE snake charm cord necklace
  • Cool mix of close-up photos and fun cartoon artwork
  • Trivia, stats and the world’s Top 10 deadliest snakes!

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