Soccer Squad #3: Stars!

Jason, Dal, Abs and Chris are about to be famous! A TV documentary is being made about their team, and everyone wants the chance to shine in front of the cameras. But what matters more: looking like a star, or playing well as part of the team? And what about Abs? He’s taking his posing rather too far, and getting too big for his boots…

  • A heart-stopping tale of football by award-winner Bali Rai
  • An authentic take on sporting dreams and disappointments
  • Fantastically exciting fiction to hook children into reading
  • Bali is the author of UnArranged Marriage and Rani and Sukh

“A series of short, sharp and fast stories with football to the fore.” School Librarian

“His dialogue always rings true and will have younger readers hooked on his stories.” Leicester Mercury

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  • A wonderful book for football fans

    8 March 2014

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