Song Hunter

An Ice Age is dawning on Mica’s homeland. The climate is fierce and chill, there are fewer mammoths to hunt, and the future of her people looks uncertain. Mica’s mind is bursting with new ideas to help them survive the long winter, but the others refuse to listen, determined to cling to the old ways no matter what. Shunned and frustrated, Mica feels as if no one will ever understand her. Not even Bear, her childhood friend. One night, Mica wakes to hear mysterious voices calling. Their cries fill her with a deep longing – but who do they belong to? And then she makes a discovery so incredible, so extraordinary, it will challenge everything she thought she knew about her world. But who will listen to her? An exquisite novel set in a snow-covered world 40,000 years ago.

Praise for Cold Tom:

“One of those rare, strange, wonderful books which makes you see the world through different eyes.” Guardian

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    Sally Prue won the Branford Boase Award and Smarties Prize for Cold Tom.

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