Space Lizards Ate My Sister!

Asteroid Peach is on a collision course with Earth. The planet will be destroyed in a matter of days! In desperation, the world turns to evil space lizard Admiral Skink, currently imprisoned in Cottelton police station in the body of Pickles the iguana. In return for his freedom, Admiral Skink promises to destroy the asteroid. But making deals with evil aliens is bound to end in tears! Instead of helping, Skink builds a wormhole bridge and escapes to his home planet, Swerdlix! Even worse, as Skink is making his getaway, a giant thrall-beast emerges from the wormhole and gobbles up Lance Spratley’s little sister! Now it’s up to Lance to travel to Swerdlix, capture the Admiral, stop the asteroid – AND find some flooblescoop powder to make the thrall-beast sneeze out little Sally. It can’t be THAT hard, can it?

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