Spectre Collectors: Too Ghoul For School

One for dark nights! Most kids run away from ghosts. But not these kids. Spooky is their speciality! Denzel’s having no luck with his maths homework. It’s not just that it’s super-tough. He’s being attacked by a terrifying mess of smoky black tendrils that want to kill him. Aaarrgh. Then – BANG! Two armed teens explode through his window holding guns and throwing magic. They’re the Spectre Collectors – and they want Denzel to join them. This means many cool things: awesome weapons, ancient magic and a whole new take on school. But also one major bad thing: fighting a spectral nightmare come alive!

  • Brilliantly witty fantasy full of breakneck action
  • By the award-winning author of The 13th Horseman
  • Barry Hutchinson writes the Invisible Fiends books
  • He won the 2012 Scottish Children’s Book Award

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