Spot: My Little Library

Six mini board books full of thrilling things to discover are the perfect introduction to the wonderful world of Spot! This chunky little slipcase set is brimming with treats for toddlers to explore, from favourite toys to farm animals, first colours and numbers. Have some extra fun by fitting the backs of the books together to make a jigsaw picture of Spot and his friends!

Titles in the set: In the Garden; At Home; Farm Animals; Favourite Toys; First Colours; Counting 1-5.

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  • Colour in Spot

    Here’s a picture of Spot and his family for you to colour in.

    Download Colour in Spot

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  • Awards

    Eric Hill has won many awards for his Spot books, most recently the Junior Editor’s Choice and Right Start Toy Awards Gold Award for Spot’s Playbook.

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