Spot's Christmas

Dreaming of a puppy for Christmas? Get Spot! This furry bundle of cuddles makes even the dullest day totally special. So when you put Spot and Christmas together in one book, you’re in for a very special day indeed! Maybe you’re decorating the tree, hanging your stocking and wrapping up presents. Well, Spot is doing all those things as well. But – shhhh! It must be nearly time for Father Christmas to come. Listen with Spot – can you hear anything?

  • A gorgeous Christmas board book from a classic series
  • Iconic puppy Spot is adored by children worldwide
  • Beautifully bright and durable treat for little ones
  • Perfect stocking filler or festive bedtime treat

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  • Awards

    Eric Hill has won many awards for his Spot books, most recently the Junior Editor’s Choice and Right Start Toy Awards Gold Award for Spot’s Playbook.

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