Spy Girl: Super Secret Spy Gear

Go undercover and get in on the action with your Spy Girl secret listening device. Every spy needs to know what’s going on, so use this slick, smart gadget to make sure that YOU do. When you slip it in your ear you look cool and casual, as if you’re wearing a wireless headset and doing your own thing. But what your enemies don’t know is that you are Spy Girl – and you can hear absolutely everything! What’s more, when you write down secrets in your special notes locket, nobody can read them except YOU! Get ready for action, Spy Girl!

Kit contains a 16-page spy activity guide, electronic Spy Ear device which amplifies sounds up to 7.6 metres away and a secret notes locket.

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    I want to read this very badly!!!! It seems like a book I would like!!!

    16 February 2016

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    i love it so much

    16 July 2015

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    i love it soooooooooooo much

    28 September 2014

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    C-O-O-L COOL

    11 November 2013

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    I soooooooooooooooooooooooooo wanna read this it looks amazing

    17 March 2013

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