Star Cooks

Take a slurp of Jamie Oliver, a dash of Delia Smith and a pinch of Anthony Worrall Thompson, and what do you get? Twenty awesome celebrity recipes for little star cooks to make! This super cookbook has the recipes that your favourite TV chefs didn’t want to share… until some bright spark persuaded them to make the world taste better by passing on their secrets to the world’s kids! Inside, celebrity chefs reveal their favourite easy recipes for scrummy foods from perfect pizza to home-made ice cream. While kids have fun cooking, you all have fun eating – and there are tips on kitchen equipment and healthy eating too. So pick your ingredients, mix them up, cook them up and serve them up… just in time for a festive Christmas feast!

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    Some easy celeb recipes for younger kids to make, older kids could make them too but it’s aimed more at young children.

    9 March 2013

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