Star Darlings: Sage and the Journey to Wishworld

Wish you could grant wishes? Then you’d fit right in with the lucky Star Darlings: twelve charmed girls who are blessed with exactly that special power! Far away in the world of Starland, these lucky girls learn to grant wishes at the Starling Academy. (Definitely not your typical school.) But what are they being trained for? Well, they each face a thrilling mission to stop a totally evil force! Now it’s Sage’s turn to set off on her first wish mission: a journey to Wishworld (that is, Earth), where she’ll need some help from human Wishlings like you…

  • Dreamy and magical fiction from this new Disney series
  • Children adore the Star Darlings’ sparkly world of wishes
  • Inspiring tale of friendship, teamwork and self-reliance
  • Mid-length read which builds enthusiasm and confidence

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    Once I saw an advertisment on the Star Darlings books I wanted to find out more so I had a look at the website because found this book It made so me happy and I love Star Darlings

    20 May 2018

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