Star Wars: Where's the Wookiee? A Search and Find Activity Book

OK: in our galaxy, a huge furry monster walking the streets couldn’t stay hidden for long. He’d be all over the news in no time. But in the Star Wars galaxy, where bizarre critters are the norm, Chewbacca the Wookiee is very good at hiding! Along with his buddy Han Solo, this rebel hero is wanted by the Empire. Despite the huge bounty on his head, he’s evaded capture many times. (Mostly thanks to the speedy Millennium Falcon.) But will he escape YOU? Your mission: to find that furry Wookiee. Can you track him down in these epic picture puzzles, packed with amazing artwork?

  • Hours of spotting fun to delight all ages
  • Spot Chewbacca and nine other key characters
  • Stunning colour pictures full of intricate details
  • Build observation skills in a fun Star Wars quest

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