Sticker Dolly Dressing: Costumes Around the World

The perfect sticker book for all you aspiring fashionistas. Dress up these dinky dollies in traditional outfits worn by people from every corner of the globe! There are luscious silk kimonos from Japan, and the bright and beautiful saris of India – an head-turning look that nobody will miss. Or show off the pretty patterns of Nigerian bubas, and the florid flamenco costumes of Spain! This is dressing-up with a difference, full of round-the-world looks and styles to mix and match in creative combinations. Get global inspiration from every country as you make these dolls look fabulous in your own unique way!

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    The pictures are clear and beautifully animated and it gives away different religion celebrations which people would love to know and could take in for RE lessons. It’s very different to other books I read but I like it.

    9 April 2016

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