Stories for Boys Who Dare to Be Different

Who says being a boy is all about slaying dragons or being Prince Charming? There are millions of guys in the world – and millions of ways to be a guy. Now it’s time to meet 100 brave boys and men who did things their way. Why follow the crowd? From the magician Dynamo to David Attenborough, from Lionel Messi to Thomas Edison, all these rule-breaking, free-thinking guys chose a unique path. Artists, poets, stylists, scientists, inventors, athletes and explorers. Rimbaud, Galileo, Nelson Mandela, Grayson Perry, Louis Braille. What unites all of them? They all dared to be different. Do you?

  • The ultimate book of inspiration for every boy
  • 100 true-life tales with dynamic colour artwork
  • Stories full of adventure, courage and wonderment
  • Celebrates individuality and rejecting peer pressure

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