Summer Picture Book Pack x 5

It’s a picture book holiday! Sandcastles, ice creams, seashells – even mermaids. Buckets and spades on the beach. Sparkly fish flashing by. Enjoy them all without even going away! (Or read them on the beach, if you can. It’s fun!) These summery stories are all set by the sea, and they’re all really charming and funny. A great way to keep reading this summer – and wake up your holiday spirit. As tingly and fresh as a brisk seaside dip. As sweet as a yummy cool ice lolly. Splish splash perfect or what?

  • Summery favourites by top authors and illustrators
  • Includes beloved characters such as Winnie and Teddy
  • The perfect way to amuse little ones in the holidays
  • Books that capture all the joy of being at the beach

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