Superhero Street

By the super-funny team behind Demolition Dad. Mouse, Skidmark and Vortex are fighting crime – one massive laugh at a time! Mouse dreams of being a hero and standing out from the crowd. But even his own parents never notice him. They’re WAY too busy with his five brothers. But when Mum foils a bank robbery at her post as a lollipop lady, she and Mouse are hailed as superheroes. Cool! Now an unlikely team of crime-fighters, the Z-list, want Mouse to join them. Problem 1) they’re rubbish. Problem 2) one of them is a traitor…

  • From the prize-winning author of Demolition Dad
  • Phil Earle’s books include Saving Daisy and Being Billy
  • A heartwarming tale of finding the hero inside yourself
  • Witty artwork by the illustrator of Dogs Don’t Do Ballet

“It’s a delight: a brilliant cast of characters.” The Bookseller

“Brilliantly humorous but full of heart and emotion… I really can’t recommend it enough.” Book Lover Jo

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  • Awards

    Winner of the weRead Book Award for Being Billy.

  • Awards

    Sara Ogilvie was named a Booktrust Best New Illustrator in 2011.

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