Supertato: Carnival Catastro-Pea!

It’s carnival time at the supermarket. All the veggies are feeling festive. They’re going to rock the aisles in style with music, costumes and colourful parades. But one vicious vegetable is out to spoil the fun. Can you guess who? Yup – here comes trouble with a capital P! This time, our mini green enemy has a devious device that could ruin EVERYTHING. Can Supertato and his brave buddies save the celebrations from turning into a carnival catastro-pea?

  • Another hilarious picture book for this best-loved series
  • By the acclaimed creator of Barry the Fish with Fingers
  • Bold pictures, cheeky humour and a jolly carnival theme
  • The first Supertato book won the Hampshire Book Award

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  • Photo of Sue Hendra

    Sue Hendra

    Sue Hendra is the wonderfully funny, award-winning author and illustrator of picture books like Barry the Fish with Fingers.


    Sue Hendra won the Bishops Stortford Picture Book Award for her picture book Dave (illustrated by Liz Pichon) and the Lollies Best Laugh Out Loud Picture Book Award for I Need a Wee (illustrated by Paul Linnet).

  • Awards

    Winner of the Lollies Best Laugh Out Loud Picture Book Award for I Need a Wee (with Sue Hendra).

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