Sweet Hearts: Strictly Friends?

A whirlwind story set in the glamorous world of ballroom dancing! Megan can’t believe she’s been forced to move 200 miles away from her home. What about her school and her friends? Not to mention her dancing partner, Jake, who has been her best friend since forever! In an attempt to make herself feel better, Megan joins a salsa class. Suddenly, things start to look up. She meets new friends – and a cute new boy. But will she listen to the warnings about him?

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  • this book seems interesting

    8 March 2013

  • loved it

    This book is very magical. And I love magic! This is on ballroom dancing and I love it too! I haven’t tried ballroom dancing but I’d love too! It sounds so magical so imagine what it would be like if you perform!

    8 January 2012

  • loved it

    I recommend this book for people especially girls aged 10-14 and anyone who loves dance and people who believe that you should not give up on something you love no matter what.

    I liked how at the beginning when Megan went to new school she found a friend, Suki, because that means she can start new school really good and positively. Also I liked that at the beginning they didn’t set out the book normally instead the author laid it out as emails between characters , Megan and Jake; that way of writing seemed more interesting to read. I think its good that the author tried to use modern teen language and shortcuts like “lol”.

    I loved the way the main character had soo much positive energy about all the dance classes and while she was searching for them. I think that Megans mum was too worried about her sometimes, but she was probably scared since they just moved to a very new unfamiliar place.

    I was happy for Megan that she was becoming friends with Mari and I found Mari’s friend’s story about becoming famous really interesting and inspiring. It is true what Megan said in the book that with some people it is easy to get along whereas with others it was more difficult. I think Megan made it bait that she liked Danny since she was getting all shy and everything and that is a mistake many girls make.

    I found Suki really self centrered. I loved the ending and I think that everyone deserves a friend like Mari. I also really want to know what happened next!

    Monika, age 12

    31 March 2011

  • loved it

    At the begin the book just draws you in, without describing the places she went to you can just sense that she is sad and unsure of things.

    That’s why it’s awesome

    24 November 2010

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