Black magic is in the air at Camelot! Max and Olivia Pendragon have discovered that King Arthur is under threat from the evil Morgana Le Fay – she is planning to use the mysterious Swordspell against the king at the upcoming Festival of Chivalry. Neither Max nor Olivia knows anything about the spell, and they certainly don’t know how to stop it, but with Merlin away and the festival fast approaching, the fate of Camelot rests in their hands. With the help of Sir Lancelot and Sir Bertram, plus the kingdom’s trusty animals – Adolphus the dragon, Ferocious the rat and Vortigern the duck – the Pendragon children must quickly uncover Morgana’s plan before it is too late…

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    11 July 2013

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    this is a fantastic book

    16 May 2013

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